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Education vs Entertainment

Many parents have a certain tradeoff policy in place for their kids when it comes to keeping a certain balance between education and entertainment. Children may have to complete their home work, work on projects, help with house work, etc. before they get to see the latest Netflix movie or a sleepover at some friend's place. This may work well for younger kids. But as kids get older, parents find it harder to manage this balance. How can young Tyler or Sarah spend enough time on productive, educational work and not waste it all on watching movies or playing games huddled in the privacy of their or their friend's rooms?

The interesting question here is this -  does education and entertainment have to be so opposing that one feel like work and the other fun? This question is no longer relevant to kids and their careers. It is as relevant to adults facing increasing pressure to keep up with knowledge in this fast changing world. Yet, adults find it quite difficult to eagerly spend some time after work in furthering their knowledge, when all they feel like doing is seek some entertainment at the end of a busy workday. What we really need is akin to kid's gummy vites - candy on the outside, vitamins on the inside. Fortunately, we have several offers in front of us in today's connected world, many of which are free.

In an article in the New York Times, Greg Beato talks about "Edutainment", a much desired paradigm. The idea is to combine the ingriedients of education and entertainment in a way to make education not just bearable but fun. With light humor, Greg discusses the history of edutainment and some new platforms of learning, including a fun story on how Bill Gates, a college dropout, managed to keep up with the ever growing fora of knowledge.
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