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It sounds intriguing, to say the least. So when a news report on described how a study found this to be possible, it was compelling to read on. 

University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) reported through a study of kindergarten students, that writing letters to family members who lived far away, not only improved the children’s literacy skills, but also developed a stronger connection with them. 

Prof. Kathryn Pole, assistant professor in the UTA College of Education, tracked 22 kindergarten students at a public school in this study. The first couple letters had a few short factual sentences. But soon the content improved with more exciting details. These students also ventured in other writing as they now saw themselves as writers. Prof. Kathryn summarized that when such young children have a strong motivation to write, like distant family audience in this study who read and respond back, their letter’s content, spelling and legibility all improved, and so did their family bonds. 

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