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Plano schools recently had their parent-teacher conferences. It is a rare opportunity to meet one-on-one with your child’s teacher. What then, is the best way to make the most of this opportunity? In a recent article on nprEd, Elissa Nadworny discusses some best practices for parents to ensure that these meetings make meaningful progress towards the common goal of student success. 

Some parents adopt the respond-only style of interaction in parent-teacher meetings, listening patiently for what the teacher has to say and answering questions when asked.  Others prefer talking at great lengths about the child, hoping this will help the teacher. While neither of these two styles produce optimal results, what does make an impact is preparation before such a meeting. 

Based on Harvard Family Research Project’s tip sheet for parents on parent-teacher conferences, and suggestions from other experts in the field, Elissa suggests the following important tips for an engaged parent: 

1) Clearly understand the goal the teacher has for the child at the end of the year. 
2) Clearly understand where the child is now. 
3) Discuss both academics and social progress. 
4) Share with the teacher what interests or excites the child at home. 
5) Ask what concrete steps you can take to further improve your child’s overall academic success and social growth. 
6) At the end of the meeting, be clear about the teacher’s expectations of you and your child. If there are external resources that the teacher recommends, know how to access those. 
7) Don’t let this meeting be a time to dump pent up frustrations about the school, the teacher or any other classroom issues. Pick specific areas of improvements and arrive at concrete next steps. 
8) If there are open issues and need further discussion, ask the teacher for the best way to continue the conversation in the following week. 

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