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Tutoring Can Help  a Student Overcome Learning Challenges

If you have noticed that more and more of your youngster’s friends are no longer coming over to your house to hang-out with your student, it isn’t because they aren’t popular. Instead, as more parents discover just how beneficial...

How to Create a Learning Space at Home

When a student sits down to complete their homework math-sheets or review their notebooks for an upcoming exam, the space they study in has a significant impact on the effectiveness of their study time. If you are looking at your youngster reading their...

Give Your Child's Notebooks a Boost

It doesn't matter if your student locks themselves away in their study room for hours on end each night reading and re-reading their textbooks and notes. If the quality of the information they are reviewing isn’t high or is plain incorrect, then their time is...

Tips to Help a Verbal Learner With Their Homework

There is no doubt that the teaching style of presenting lessons to a group of students through writing on a board and speaking out loud is productive and effective. However, it doesn’t address each of the individual learning styles. What about the...

Great Learning Activites to Keep Your Child's Brain Entertained and Warm!

While the weather might not be cold and frosty, it certainly isn’t the summer weather which saw your children spend the majority of their spare time playing outside. The current weather has likely resulted in them...
With winter break soon approaching, you're probably already thinking of ways to make it the best one yet. For a few ideas on how you can spend your time off school in a fun and productive manner, continue reading the post below.

How to Plan a Productive and Fun Winter Break

  1. If you're a...

Steps to Help Your Youngster Excel on an Exam

It’s fair to say that the majority of students don’t enjoy taking exams. However, this is often simply because they aren’t confident in their test-taking abilities. If there is a student in your home who knows their subjects well but doesn’t achieve...

Synonym Bingo

If you are stuck looking for ways to keep your child engaged in what you are trying to teach them, The Tutoring Center, Plano TX is here to help with a fun game you can all play at the kitchen table while dinner finishes cooking.

Play Synonym Bingo

  • Create your own bingo cards with...

How Your Student Could Benefit From a Tablet

When most parents think about their tablet, they immediately think about playing games, watching movies in bed, or maybe even day to day banking. What most parents don’t think about is the potentially powerful learning tool a tablet can be for...

Get Your Student Ready to Go Back to School Without the Stress

As much as we don't like to imagine it, summer vacation must come to an end. For student and parents, this means that it’s now time to start thinking about the new school year ahead. To help you get started with your back-to-school...


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