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Improve Your Note Taking Skills

There is never a bad time to brush-up on note taking skills, and this is exactly what this article from The Tutoring Center, Plano TX will help you do. If you are interested in improving your note-taking skills, the tips below can help.

Take Good Notes

You may only...

Benefits of Math Tutoring

As entrance requirements become stricter each year, achieving high scores has never been more important. One subject is of particular importance and holds a higher requirement when compared to other subjects. We're talking about Math. To help your child excel in their...

Tips to Help Your Child Increase Their Confidence Levels

Your child’s level of confidence can determine not only how well they will perform in school, but also in general life activities. If your child feels too nervous to raise their hand to ask a question, they may miss out on valuable...
When we think of math, we think of numbers and operations like additions, multiplications, fractions, and divisions. Most of the times, we forget to consider that math also involves shapes, telling time, measurements and weight, and even reading. The Tutoring Center, Plano TX offers Math, Reading...
Physical exercise is often solely associated with the role that it plays in a child's growth and their physical health. However, the benefits of physical exercise reach to how well a child performs at school. If your child shows an interest in sport or general fitness, and you are hesitant to...

Become Involved in Your Child's Learning With Flashcards

Every parent wants to help their child succeed and reach their potential, however, with the increasing complexity of school subjects it can often become a difficult challenge. Understanding the importance of parental involvement in a...
Parent-teacher interviews provide a valuable opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your child's educational progress and any challenges they are facing. However, many parents find that they often leave these sessions wanting more. Understanding the importance of these meetings, The...
Reaching adulthood brings with it many advantages, one of them being the benefit of hindsight when it comes to the importance of reading during early education. However, with the ever-growing appeal of tablets and cell phones, breaking your child away from their favored screens and conveying...
In a previous post, we wrote about how you could identify and assist a child who identifies with the traits of an auditory learner. While this post included some beneficial information which can assist every parent to help an auditory learner, for this article, The Tutoring Center of Plano is...
If you've ever watched or listened to your child as they study and perform their homework and have noticed that they are talking to themselves or perhaps they are singing songs aloud with nobody else around, then it's likely you may be listening to an auditory learner in their natural...


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