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We are surrounded by media and information. It’s essential to be able to have a critical view over what we consume and understand the intent and level of credibility that different pieces of information have. Learning these skills from a young age can be hugely beneficial. Learn more about the...

Getting motivated for school after a break can be challenging for children. But as challenging as it may also seem to help motivate your child as a parent, there are simple things you can do to get them started! If you are interested in knowing more, read this post by The Tutoring...

Teaching children about goal-setting is something crucial for their development. The younger you start teaching your child about responsibility and about being persistent, the easier it will be for them to achieve whatever they put their mind to. If you want to learn some tips on how to teach...

Some children take more time warming up to certain people or social situations. These types of children are typically considered shy. Shyness is simply a personal trait, and even though it can sometimes pose challenges for children, this trait often makes children be more attentive and good...

Creative thinking is the ability to look for solutions to problems and approach challenges in diverse and innovative ways. It means having a creative approach to every aspect of life. It is true that some people are naturally more creative than others, but there are ways you can help your child...

Not all children are big into sports and exercising. But not to worry, there are other things and activities you can do with your child that will get them moving and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most children love to move around and are naturally physically active, but if your child...

Prevent the Summer Learning Slide

Despite sounding like summer play equipment, the learning slide is actually responsible for many students returning to school in the new year unprepared for their lessons. The Tutoring Center, Plano has prepared a post which explains further.

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The teacher’s comments written on your child’s end of year report card can be used as a great way to identify learning challenges you can address over the summer break. The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has a great post below on the topic.

Identify the Theme

Read all of the notes your child’s...

Does Your Child Doubt the Usefulness of Math?

Every parent knows just how useful math is in their everyday life, however, struggle to convince their children of the fact, often coming up against the argument that their math lessons will never be used outside of class. If you can identify with...

Improve Your Child's Reading Level in the Kitchen

Reading is a skill which can determine the type of academic and career opportunities a student will be eligible for. If your child could use some help improving their reading level, The Tutoring Center, Plano has some tips which can help.



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