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A Lesson in Cleaning

If you will be enlisting your children’s help with this year’s spring clean, The Tutoring Center, Plano has a couple of tips to share which can help you make the task an educational one.

Share the Plan

By the time you are sharing your completed cleaning list with your children, they have already missed out on a powerful lesson in time-management. This spring, include them in the activity:
  • Share with your children the techniques you use when creating your list which ensure you don’t forget any items.
  • When you are considering how long each task will take, share your thought process.
  • When it comes time to prioritize your list, not only teach them how you perform the task but its importance.
  • Once you are ready to put everything together, invite their input and show them how you manage to get the most out of your cleaning time.
Not only can this be a great time-management lesson but it also provides your children with a framework which they can use when managing competing academic priorities.

Measurements and Calculations

For a more basic lesson on measuring, your furniture can provide a great lesson. Instead of simply sliding it back and forth to clean around it, ask your children to measure each item and identify an appropriate temporary space. If, when moving the items, you are sure that your child made a mistake and, for example, the table won’t fit, be sure to try anyway. Practical lessons are great for helping students understand where they went wrong and how they can improve next time.

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