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Show Your Kids Just How Much Fun Reading Can Be!

If you were to ask your child their thoughts on reading, they aren't likely to use the word 'fun.' This can seem strange to an adult who understands the real world benefits of reading and just how much enjoyment you can get from it. If you are struggling to show your child just how much fun reading can be, The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has some information to share on what a ‘Reading Picnic’ is and how it can help.

Choose Your Book

The key to an enjoyable reading picnic is for both you and your child to read the same book. While their book choice may not interest you, it is important for this task that you allow them to choose. Once they have chosen, get two copies of the book, either physical or digital.

Choose Your Location

Where you and your child will go for your reading picnic is important. Ideally, a quiet park where you can both sit comfortably under a tree is best. However, if you can’t find such a space, look for somewhere which doesn’t have distractions close by, such as sports games, highways, or music venues.

Pack for Your Picnic

Once you have your book and location chosen, it’s time to pack a basket full of healthy snacks to fuel your brains and some tasty treats to snack on during your reading journey. Don’t forget a blanket, water, and anything else you will need for the day.

Now, Onto Reading

One of the best ways to show a child that reading is fun is to make it interactive. After each of you has read a chapter or two, take a break and discuss the book with excitement. Talk about how you think the story will unfold and which characters will make it to the end. You can even make small bets about which predictions will be correct after the next chapter, with rewards such as chocolate or a piece of candy. When discussing the book with your child, it’s important to put aside your own thoughts on the subject or the story and use the time to nurture and encourage their excitement. If the book is about wizards, don’t be afraid to get a little silly and create your own ‘reading is fun’ spell that you can cast over your picnic. Anything you can do to keep your child’s excitement levels up regarding the book will help.

Tutoring Services Can Help Your Child Increase Their Reading Level

When it comes to reading, anything and everything that you can do to raise your child’s interest levels helps, and a reading picnic is the perfect start. It helps children associate a feeling of fun and excitement with a task they often associate with textbooks. If your child is struggling with the books they choose or you feel their reading level should be higher, speak with The Tutoring Center, Plano TX at (469) 277-8177 and ask about how one-to-one tutoring services can help children of all levels increase their reading proficiency.


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