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How Poor Time Management Skills Can Leave a Student with an Unfair Grade

If you remember back to the time when you were going through your adolescent period, then it’s likely that all you can remember are all of the good times that you had with your friends at school and college. Of course, you wouldn’t remember about the hormones racing around your brain that made you constantly forget your schoolwork. While it isn’t ideal, a slightly forgetful student can be a part of adolescence. However, if that forgetfulness becomes a habit, then it can spell trouble when it comes time for their teacher to prepare their report card. If you notice that your student is always finishing assignments at the last minute and returns home with poor grades, improving their time management skills can help. The Tutoring Center, Plano TX have some information to share, below. Time management skills are something that almost all adults take for granted. We use these skills without even thinking about them, like:
  • When you load and start the dishwasher before you mop the floor to maximize your cleaning time.
  • When you plan out your daily route to complete your errands
  • When you organize your entire family holiday
These are all times where you need to employ time management skills so that you aren’t left standing around waiting for the dishes to finish. However, for a student, these are lessons that still need to be learned. These lessons can have a great impact on their studies. An ideal example is a student who attends class, listens to the teacher, writes notes, and enjoys the subject. By all accounts, this is a model student who would be set to achieve high marks should they submit an assignment on the subject. However, if this student lacks adequate time management skills, instead of planning their assignment out so that they have sufficient time to complete each portion, review it, and make any changes that are required, they are forced to rush through an assignment the night before it’s due. As you can expect, this assignment isn’t likely to receive high marks. The most frustrating part of this scenario for both a parent and a student is that the student put in the effort and the work during the semester. However, the grades on their report card are not reflective of their efforts. Despite how much work a student puts in during the semester, if a teacher receives a poorly completed assignment which was weighted at 50% of the total grade, they must use this assignment when calculating the student’s overall grade. This results in nothing more than gifted students returning home with grades that aren’t indicative of their abilities.

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