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Tips to Help a Verbal Learner With Their Homework

There is no doubt that the teaching style of presenting lessons to a group of students through writing on a board and speaking out loud is productive and effective. However, it doesn’t address each of the individual learning styles. What about the students who prefer to do all the talking? The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has some information below about the traits of a verbal learner and how you can help with homework.

Is Your Child a Verbal Learner?

Identifying the traits of a verbal learner is much easier than those of other learning styles, namely because the constant speaking makes it obvious. Have you noticed:
  • Your youngster spends the majority of their study time reading their textbooks out loud or often explaining the lesson back to the textbook?
  • When you give your child instructions to complete chores, do they repeat them back to you verbatim?
  • Did you one time see your youngster arguing with the toaster about how to complete a math problem?
Even though the last tip seems silly, simply having a sounding board to bounce their ideas off of can be enough to satisfy a verbal learner. If you suspect that a student in your home identities with the traits of a verbal learner, adjust your homework help approach. For example:
  • If your youngster is struggling with a complicated lesson, sit down in front of them and ask them to explain it all to you.
  • Each time that your child speaks to you about a lesson they are struggling with, ask basic and repetitive questions to force them to think about their problem in different ways and then vocalize their ideas.
  • Try to provide a space where your student and their friends can have loud debates, voicing their ideas without concern about keeping the noise levels down.
Each of the above methods can do wonders in helping a verbal learner boost the productivity of their study sessions.

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