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How to Create a Learning Space at Home

When a student sits down to complete their homework math-sheets or review their notebooks for an upcoming exam, the space they study in has a significant impact on the effectiveness of their study time. If you are looking at your youngster reading their notes while on the couch in front of the TV, then The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has a great post on how to create a better learning space for your youngster.

No More Distractions

When you think about distractions you most likely think about cell phones. And while a cell phone would be the number one distraction, you may be surprised to learn that vacuuming the carpet, the lawn being mowed in the backyard, or even siblings playing in the house can all be enough to steal away your child’s attention from their studies. For this reason, take a tour around your home and look for quiet spaces which you can turn into temporary study areas. For example, if your bedroom is the quietest space in the house during their study hours, consider setting up a small desk and chairing there each afternoon for them to utilize. Similarly, other places in your home which can be either cordoned off or designated as no-visit zones can be great distraction-free workplaces for a student to study.

Be Sure They Have Everything Needed

If you have ever left an aerobics class to get a glass of water and never returned then you will understand this tip. At the start of the week, have your student make a list of the study items they will need during each daily study period and be sure that all of it is accessible while they study. Anything from scrap paper, to colored markers, through to measuring equipment, whatever is needed, be sure that it’s within reaching distance.

The Right Lighting

If the lighting in the space is too dark then it can cause your student to feel tired and lose focus. On the other hand, if the lighting is too bright then it can be difficult to read the text and can cause headaches. Whether it’s using a small desk lamp or even changing the bulb in the ceiling, look for ways to improve the lighting in the study space you find.

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