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Have Your Children Forgotten That School Hasn't Finished Just Yet?

Whether it's a three-day-weekend or a full break for spring, any break from school which is longer than a school day seems to cause students everywhere to forget important lessons.  If this seems particularly true in your house, The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has some ideas which can help.

Wave Goodbye to the Bus...

The first challenge is always getting your children out the door on time. For this, here are two pleasant ways and one which is a littler stricter.
  • Give your kids a running start by cooking their favorite breakfast on the first morning of your new routine. If they get out the door on time, try another breakfast favorite the next day, and so on.
  • If that isn't enough, consider accumulating a week or two worth of on-time starts with a bigger reward, such as a trip to the zoo or the movies.
  • If your child has an electronic device then it is likely it needs access to the internet to work completely. Reward an on-time morning with internet access between returning home from school and going to bed.

On to Their Learning

A new term often means learning new material which is built from foundations learned before the break. Now that your children are actually on-time for their classes, focus on what they need to have already learned:
  • Walk through their notebook with them and identify any notes which have been re-written a number of times or are messy. These are indicators that the lesson was challenging and should be reviewed more closely.
  • Boost their learning with external learning sources, such as tutoring in Plano, TX. This can identify and address any learning gaps.
  • Check through incorrect answers on any tests or quizzes taken during the previous term to strengthen these challenge areas.
  • Don't forget to reward the work they are doing. There is a lot which can be happening in a student's life, so it's important to remember to also give credit where it's due.

Tutoring Services in Plano, TX

If your child is struggling to gain learning momentum this year or this term, tutoring in Plano, TX can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Plano TX at (469) 277-8177 and ask about how one-to-one tutoring in Plano, TX can help children of all learning levels get back on track and improve their grades.


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