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Some children take more time warming up to certain people or social situations. These types of children are typically considered shy. Shyness is simply a personal trait, and even though it can sometimes pose challenges for children, this trait often makes children be more attentive and good listeners. Some shy children may need a little help in being more comfortable, confident, and open. If you want some tips on how to help your child along the way, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Plano, TX, has for you.

Guide Your Child

Before going into a social gathering, set your child aside, and give them advice on things they can do and say to navigate through the situation. For example, if you are going to a children's party, you can coach your child and tell them 'if you see a group of children playing, approach them and ask them if you can play' or 'if one of the parents approaches you to say something, remember to look them when they are talking, if not they might feel like you are not listening'.

Imagining Perspectives

One way to help your child understand and relate to other's feelings is by assisting them in understanding and imagining different scenarios. In some cases, shy children can feel somewhat like outsiders, and by helping them understand that their feelings are ok and normal and that other children feel them too, they can feel more comfortable to approach others. When certain situations happen, or certain feelings arise, have a conversation with your child where you analyze what they are feeling and why.

Stay With Your Child

If your child hesitates to go to social events or to be in social situations, make them company. Having you there helps as comfort and gives them the confidence to roam around and explore freely. With time, you can reduce the amount of time you stay close to them. Little by little, your child will learn that they have what they need, and you will be able to let them spend time alone.

Help Your Child Improve Their Confidence and Communication Skills by Enrolling Them In Tutoring In Plano, TX

If you feel your child needs some extra help, the experts at The Tutoring Center, Plano, XT, have the personalized help and services your child needs to improve their abilities. Enroll your child in one-on-one tutoring and let them enjoy the benefits of amazing academic programs. For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (469) 277-8177 today.


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