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If you've ever watched or listened to your child as they study and perform their homework and have noticed that they are talking to themselves or perhaps they are singing songs aloud with nobody else around, then it's likely you may be listening to an auditory learner in their natural element. One of the seven most identified learning styles, auditory learners tend to be the loudest of learners, leading to parents often thinking their child is distracted during the completion of their homework.

Tips to Help Your Auditory Learner Reach Their Potential

If the above sounds like your child and you're looking for ways to help them excel during their study time, then continue reading. With extensive experience helping children with all learning styles excel during their education, The Tutoring Center of Plano has some expanded information to share on identifying an auditory learner and tips to help them reach their learning potential.

How to Identify an Auditory Learner

Easily Remember Song Lyrics

Have you ever tried to remember the lyrics to a song that you heard two weeks ago that was incidentally playing in the car? If you were like most parents and couldn't, but when asked, your child was able to recite them almost immediately, it's likely your child is an auditory learner.

Preference Toward Oral Instead of Written Reports?

If you often find that your child struggles with writing reports, however, when it comes to presenting their arguments and ideas verbally they excel, then it could be a sign that they learn best through auditory cues. Both of these are great ways to narrow down the learning style of your child to identify if they are an auditory learner. One of the next challenges that parents may face once they have identified their child as an auditory is how best to help them achieve success throughout their education. With so many of their regular classroom lessons based on visual cues, such as their regular classroom teacher simply writing each lesson on the board with students required to copy it down, many auditory learners find that even the most simple lessons can be a challenge to absorb. To address this, tutoring services near Richardson with professional tutors at The Tutoring Center of Plano are able to adapt their teaching styles and lessons to complement that of an auditory learner. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Plano at (469) 277-8177 to learn more about our proven "Geniuses in Training" program,  where parents of auditory learners can be assured that their children be taught each lesson thoroughly and in the most appropriate way.

How to Help an Auditory Learner Reach Their Learning Potential

Teaching With Song and Melodies

One of the best "tried and true" methods for helping an auditory learner fully absorb and learn each lesson is with the help of melody. This method is particularly helpful in the event that your child is struggling to learn complex equations. Find a few of your child's favorite songs or jingles and replace the words with the lesson they are struggling to learn. Don't be afraid to sing along with them as this involvement can help reinforce each lesson.

Talk It Out

While most school classrooms don't encourage instances of group learning due the potential distractions that can often accompany them, a structured and supervised group study session can be a great learning tool for an auditory learner. Social learning situations give auditory leaners the opportunity to talk out their argument or thoughts. Another great way to help your auditory learner absorb their lessons is to let them speak it to you. Once they've finished a study session, ask them to tell you about what they've learned. If you aren't able to easily understand, that's even better as it gives you the opportunity to ask questions. The more questions you can ask about the lesson, the more opportunities they are given to speak it out aloud, continuing to help them reinforce the lesson they have just learned.

Boost Your Auditory Learners Report Cards and Test Results With Tutoring Services Near Richardson

With the importance of ensuring a child learns as much as possible during their schooling years, everything that a parent can do to ensure their child is being taught in the most appropriate way has a tremendous impact on the future opportunities that are made available to them. If you are interested in providing your child with the lessons they need delivered, in a way that truly complements their learning style, speak with The Tutoring Center of Plano at (469) 277-8177 and learn about how our "Geniuses in Training" program. This program is tailor made to provide students with the lessons they need, delivered in an adaptable way.


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