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Not all children are big into sports and exercising. But not to worry, there are other things and activities you can do with your child that will get them moving and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most children love to move around and are naturally physically active, but if your child happens to be bored of always doing the same activity, this article by The Tutoring Center, Plano TX can help.

Turn Exercise Into a Game

Telling your child that you are going to exercise may not be the best idea if you want them to be active. Instead, use the word ‘play’ in front of the activity to make it sound more like a game. Something that children seem to enjoy, is being timed when exercising. By timing your child while exercising, you can make them feel like they are playing, which will encourage them to put more effort into it. You can also turn the exercising time into a play date. Invite some friends or neighborhood children and have them exercise together. Having other children to exercise can serve as an incentive.

Mix Things Up

Not all children are big into sports or the typical exercise activities. Something fun you can do is create your own games or personalize a game. If your child is into movie characters or superheroes, making them play as their favorite character can make things exciting. You can use your living room or garden as the playground or even go to a park. You can organize a scavenger hunt and have your child do challenges that involve movement like jumping, running or collecting things to get to the next step. Doing this with other children can also be a great idea and can help them want to exercise more frequently.

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