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Improve Your Child's Reading Level in the Kitchen

Reading is a skill which can determine the type of academic and career opportunities a student will be eligible for. If your child could use some help improving their reading level, The Tutoring Center, Plano has some tips which can help.

Reading While You Cook

Learning new words by sounding them out is a great technique, however, it is limited to the sounds a child already knows. Instead of your children playing video games or watching TV while you prepare the family meal, invite them into the kitchen to help you cook and for a reading lesson. As you use canned ingredients or even sauces, ask your children to read aloud the ingredients list on the label, along with any promotional material. While it’s reasonable to say that these scientific words aren’t going to form part of your student’s lexicon, they will encounter letter-sound combinations that they otherwise wouldn't’ have encountered, boosting their ability to correctly learn new words when they are on their own.

Read About a Local Flower Sale

Email was supposed to be the end of your mailbox filling up with promotional flyers and bank notices, however, as you can see, this didn’t happen. The next time that you take these from your mailbox, instead of putting them straight into the trash, hand them to your children and have them read each item aloud to you. This could be a flyer about a local sale or even a council notice about a rate change. While this material may not appear educational, the range of writing styles and vocabulary choices and uses will not only help to improve your child’s reading level but also their writing skills.

Tutoring Works

If your child needs help reading or they are experiencing a particular challenge in class, one-to-one tutoring can help. To find out more about how tutoring can work for your student, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Plano by calling (469) 277-8177.


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