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The Benefits of a Group Study Session

It’s easy for parents to think that group study sessions are nothing more than a scene from ‘The Breakfast Club’, with everybody sitting around gossiping about school and their teachers. However, the reality is very different. Below is some information from The Tutoring Center, Plano TX on the benefits of a group study session.

The Benefits of a Group Study Session

It happens to adults in the workplace; the boss gives everybody the same set of instructions but one or two people hear it differently and waste their time on work which doesn't impress the boss. In the classroom, however, it isn't a boss that’s in the scenario, it’s a teacher assigning failing grades for students who they believe weren’t paying attention. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and all too easily! Through a short group study session, however, simple misperceptions are quickly realigned through open and comfortable conversation, with each student being provided the chance to speak about what they believed was the lesson. In the end, all students leave with a solid understanding of what’s required and what work needs to be done for a passing grade.

I’m Sure It Was 1870. Or Was It 1780? Or Was It Even a Date?

Students, despite what they are told by parents and teachers, will always try to write down as much of what the teacher says as possible. Many aim to write their notes verbatim. However, this ends up with nothing more than a notebook full of incomplete (and often incorrect) notes. During a group study session, however, students are given the opportunity to share their notes with each other. So while one student may not have taken down dates correctly, another will have written down all of the dates but is missing some reference materials mentioned, which your student just happened to pay attention to! The end result is a group of students with a full set of correct notes which they can each use during their personal study time.

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