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Let Dumbledore Improve Your Child's Writing Skills

It can be easy to overlook the benefits which reading magic-themed novels and adventure style stories can offer in place of textbooks and other learning focused materials. However, reading non-academic books has strong benefits for every student. The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has a post with further information on some of these benefits.

The Right Word for the Job

All students will learn the most commonly used words in the language through general conversation and their textbooks. This knowledge is more than fine for everyday life. However, it's when it comes time to making a college application or answering an exam question where it is better to stand out from the rest with a more extended vocabulary is needed. Reading fantasy novels and similar stories are great for expanding a student's vocabulary. Because these stories rely on a vocabulary set which inspires emotions and excitement, students learn words which can help them better articulate their thoughts and arguments when completing entrance exams and assignments.

How Should I Put This?

There is a lot in a sentence. Written one way, a sentence containing feedback could make the reader furious. Written another way, it could help the reader improve a struggle point. As useful as they are, textbooks are written to educate. Reading creative materials shows students alternative ways to write and speak their thoughts, so as to communicate more appropriately or to manipulate a response. This is a great skill to have when trying to convince an assessor that your point is correct during an exam essay.

Tutoring Can Help Your Child Improve Their Writing Skills

If your child's writing skills could use a bit of assistance, speak with somebody who can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Plano TX at (469) 277-8177 and ask about their writing focused 'Geniuses in Training' program and how it can help your child improve their reading skills.


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