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Physical exercise is often solely associated with the role that it plays in a child's growth and their physical health. However, the benefits of physical exercise reach to how well a child performs at school. If your child shows an interest in sport or general fitness, and you are hesitant to allocate the activity much time as it may interfere with their learning, The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has some information to share about how physical activity can help a child's physical and mental growth.

Physical Growth

Along with nutrition, physical activity is an excellent way for children to strengthen their bones and grow their muscles. The right exercises can also play a large part in the posture they adopt. If children do not exercise at a young age, they can miss out on crucial growth periods, and their body may not reach its healthy potential.

Mental Growth

When children play team sports, they learn valuable skills such as how to lead a team, how to interact with groups to achieve a shared goal, along with how to provide constructive feedback to peers. These skills are useful when they are required to participate in groups to complete projects or study sessions. Along with these skills, children who perform in team activities can also see an increase in their confidence level, helping them to overcome any nervousness when speaking publicly.

As Little as 60 Minutes a Day

When parents learn that children can benefit from 60 minutes of physical activity a day, the concern is where to fit it into their schedule. However, it doesn't need to be completed in one portion. A 15 minute game of tag during lunch, then 45 minutes of soccer practice with their friends after school is an easy way to achieve the 60-minute goal.

Complement These Core Skills With Tutoring Near Plano, TX

The skills spoken about in this article can tremendously benefit a child's education and general school classes as well as make for a great skill-set to build on with tutoring near Plano, TX. To learn about how tutoring near Plano, TX can help your child achieve higher marks and feel more confident during class, speak with The Tutoring Center, Plano TX at (469) 277-8177 to book your free consultation.


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