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Helping Your Child Achieve Their Goals

Now is a great time for parents to check in with their children and see how they are tracking in regards to achieving the goals they set at the start of the school year. Below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Plano on how parents can make this a productive conversation.

What Is Their Status?

The first step is to make some time for a friendly and positive discussion about your child’s goals. If your children are like most, then they probably haven’t even told you that they have goals. Once you know them, find out if they are on track to achieve their goals by school-end. If they are falling behind, the best response is encouragement and assistance.
  1. If your child’s goal is to read a set number of books, help them make changes to their routine and schedule to make some extra time to catch up.
  2. Don’t be afraid to alter the goals. Whether it’s reducing the number of books to read or choosing books which are slightly easier to read, changing their goals can help.
Of course the first option will be the most preferable, however, it’s important that you consider adjusting the goals as this is a much better alternative to your child simply giving up.

On the Other Hand

If, after your discussion you find that your child is doing remarkably well and has additional time and resources, don’t be afraid to talk about adding complementary goals. Keeping with the above example of reading, if your child expects to complete their reading goal early, look for any books which are related to the series they were reading. Often, authors will write smaller attachment-style books which explain more about a set of characters or events.

One-to-One Tutoring Can Help

If your child needs more homework help than you can provide or is struggling to reach their study goals, tutoring can help. To learn more about the benefits of tutoring, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Plano by calling (469) 277-8177 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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