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How to Help Your Child Focus

With so many distractions these days, children are great multitaskers. Unfortunately, sometimes they have to sit down and focus. It can be hard. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your child focused on homework.

Get Active!

If your child is full of energy, he will not be able to focus. Exercise is a great way to tire the body while motivating the mind. Have your child walk or bike to school, join a sports team, or clean house before sitting down to do homework.

Remove the Screens

Turn off the TV, cell phones, computers, and any other on-screen distractions. If others are watching, then set up an area far away where your child can focus on her homework.

Make a List

Have a to-do list with your child's daily chores and homework assignments. It can be a lot for a child to remember everything, so a list will remind her what she needs to do. And she will receive an added sense of satisfaction when everything on the list is accomplished.

Talk with Your Hands

Speech, and especially yelling, is very distracting. Develop a system of signals to communicate with your child when she is working. Perhaps pointing to the work or raising your hand indicates the she should get back to it.


Let your child take a break every 10 to 20 minutes, depending on her age. Perhaps she can get a snack or something to drink before getting back to work. Just make sure that she does not get involved in something else to distract her. It should be time to relax the mind, not to engage it again.

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