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In a previous post, we wrote about how you could identify and assist a child who identifies with the traits of an auditory learner. While this post included some beneficial information which can assist every parent to help an auditory learner, for this article, The Tutoring Center of Plano is going to expand on other commonly recognized learning styles and how you can recognize their traits.

Understanding the Most Commonly Recognized Learning Styles

Recognizing an Auditory Learner

Do you notice that your child is able to recite each and every lyric from a song after only hearing it once or twice? It’s likely that your child is an auditory learner and their brain is able to absorb information faster and more accurately through an audio presentation. A student who identifies with this style of learning often benefits from listening to lectures, both live and in pre-recorded form.

Recognizing a Social Learner

There are very good reasons why a study group can be a great benefit, and students who identify as being social learners can relate to all of them. Learning best through discussion, a social learner is likely to benefit from first reading or listening to information, then discussing or even arguing their understanding with their peers. Whether they are being told they are right or wrong, the process of discussion helps them to understand and retain information.

Recognizing a Visual Learner

A student who identifies as a visual learner is often in the best position when it comes to a traditional classroom where the teacher presents each lesson on a board and students copy it down into their notebooks. A visual learner can benefit from any form of printer material, from simple text to diagrams and even video presentations. If they can see it, they can understand it. Addressing your child’s learning style isn’t always something their teacher is able to do which often leaves many students to miss out on crucial aspects of a lesson. If you feel like your child isn’t receiving the attention they need and deserve during their regular classrooms, speak with The Tutoring Center of Plano at (469) 277-8177 to find out how our “Geniuses in Training” programs can provide your child with appropriately taught lessons through one-to-one instruction.

Recognizing a Kinesthetic Learner

Often seen as the child who can’t sit still and is always fidgeting, a kinesthetic learner is somebody who understands lessons best when they can interact with tangible objects. Maths lessons regarding addition and subtraction are best delivered in a way where a kinesthetic learner can move small objects around to mimic the equations being taught.

Recognizing a Verbal Learner

Students who identify as verbal learners are often easy to identify as they are likely the ones in their room speaking to themselves or to objects around them. A verbal learner will learn best if they can speak their thoughts aloud, even if nobody is listening. Simply hearing their own voice speaking each lesson can help them to recognize any mistakes they have made and correct them, also verbally. If you find that your child identifies with this learning style and is struggling to understand a particular aspect of their study materials, encourage them to speak to you about it. While you may not be able to understand each lesson, simply providing them with a sounding board can be all the help they need.

Recognizing a Solitary Learner

A solitary learner is the very opposite to the above-mentioned learner. A solitary learner is likely to find a very quiet environment, close the door and put their nose in a book. While this may seem antisocial, many solitary learners are able to interact with friends in a social environment, however, become very different when it comes to studying. If you feel like your child identified with this type of learning style, a good tip is to do your best to reduce noise around their study environment. Simple noises such as a vacuum cleaner can be a significant distraction for a solitary learner.

Addressing Your Child's Learning Style with Tutoring Services near Me

Addressing the needs of each student’s individual learning style isn’t always something a teacher is able to do during a regular classroom simply due to time and resource constraints. For parents with children who learn best through methods other than a simple ‘on the board presentation’, tutoring services near Allen offer the perfect complement. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Plano at (469) 277-8177 to learn more about how one-to-one instruction is used to engage your child’s learning style. With no other students to teach, each session can be tailored to ensure the teaching material is being presented in a way which not only helps your child to understand but also engages their learning style to make learning enjoyable.


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