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Give Your Child's Notebooks a Boost

It doesn't matter if your student locks themselves away in their study room for hours on end each night reading and re-reading their textbooks and notes. If the quality of the information they are reviewing isn’t high or is plain incorrect, then their time is being wasted. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Plano TX on how you can give your youngster’s notebook a spring clean and improve the productivity of your child’s study sessions.

Start by Decluttering the Mess

The first thing that you will want to do is sit down at a large clean table and take out all of the loose items in your child’s notebook. This could include handwritten notes, handouts, or even newspaper clippings. As you remove each item, be sure to mark the item and the corresponding page with a pencil to make it easy to find where it goes later on. Once you have a pile, have your youngster sort through it to find only relevant and strong information, making sure to cut away any information which isn’t relevant or could be distracting.

Put It All Back Together

Now that you have a notebook and a pile of papers with only important information, it’s time to put it all back together neatly. As you are putting each piece back in their notebook, look for ways to improve the page by reformatting the note. For example, if you are looking at a set of notes which are written so poorly that they have to span over a couple of pages, have your youngster rewrite the notes so that they fit on one page, and find a way to include the loose piece of paper. For example, if the loose item is a diagram, stick it on the newly written page at the relevant text point. While this will definitely mean a bit of extra work on your youngster's behalf, having an entire note on one page with an included diagram will allow your student to not only quickly and easily read the note, but dart their eyes around the page to make connections to contextual references or even to use the diagram directly.

Complement Study Sessions With Tutoring Services in Plano, TX

If you notice that your child struggles to rewrite or understand a certain type of notes in their notebook, one-to-one tutoring in Plano, TX can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Plano TX by calling (469) 277-8177 and find out how subject focused one-to-one tutoring programs can help your child reach their learning potential!


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