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Improve Your Note Taking Skills

There is never a bad time to brush-up on note taking skills, and this is exactly what this article from The Tutoring Center, Plano TX will help you do. If you are interested in improving your note-taking skills, the tips below can help.

Take Good Notes

You may only have one chance to take notes during a lecture, so it is important that the notes you do take are substantial. Consider the following:
  • Listen Carefully. When the teacher or lecturer speaks, listen. They aren't likely to repeat themselves, and there may not be a chance for questions.
  • Pick Your Notes. Instead of trying to scribble everything being said, listen for key points and note those. Aspects like dates, historic events, landmarks, names, etc. tend to be the most important items. If you have the right fundamental information, it will be easier to expand on it at a later stage.
  • Write for You. Consider creating a writing system of your own, similar to shorthand but more personal and consisting largely of abbreviations.
  • Share Your Notes. Try as you might, there will be times you miss information or take it down incorrectly. After the lecture, connect with a classmate and compare notes.
  • Review, Review, Review. It is important for memory retention to review your notes while the information is still fresh in your mind.
  • New Note, New Page. Keep your notes easy to manage by starting each new lesson or class on a new page.
  • Date. Adding the date to the top of each page will help you find important notes at a later stage. For regularly accessed notes, use a highlighter to mark them.
  • Space Is Your Friend. Leave some space after each note to allow for additions and corrections during your review and note sharing.

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