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The teacher’s comments written on your child’s end of year report card can be used as a great way to identify learning challenges you can address over the summer break. The Tutoring Center, Plano TX has a great post below on the topic.

Identify the Theme

Read all of the notes your child’s teachers wrote to identify any common themes, such as more than one teacher remarking on reading and writing challenges. In an instance like this, you could consider:
  • Writing sentences on small notes and attaching them to snacks, requiring your student to read the sentence aloud before enjoying the snack.
  • Allowing them to read outside of their textbooks is a great way to introduce them to a broader range of vocabulary items and help them with letter-sound combinations.
  • Reading the mail you usually don’t want to is another great activity to learn about writing styles and grammar choices.
If your student struggles in another area, adapt these tips or use them as inspiration for creating your own ways to introduce small incidental lessons into your child’s day. Of course, if any of the teachers noted particular areas for improvement, be sure to include these in your summer-lessons, remembering that they shouldn’t get in the way of your child enjoying their summer break.

One-To-One Summer Tutoring Can Help

If your student needs more help or their homework has become so confusing that you are no longer able to assist, Tutoring can help. Tutoring isn’t like school and instead provides a balanced level of teaching during their vacation period. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Plano TX. Call (469) 277-8177 today to make an appointment.


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