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Words You Can Avoid Misusing

Check out the mnemonic devices we have for helping to remember how to spell these words correctly. If you have better suggestions, we would love to hear them. Use whatever works best for you.

Disburse vs Disperse

"Disburse" means to distribute money while to "disperse" means to distribute anything else. Remember that if you are talking about anything financial to use "disburse".

Complement vs Compliment

"Complement" can be a noun or a verb referring to an element that adds to or enhances something. A "compliment" is something nice said about someone. The "e" in complement is because it is "completing" something. And "i" like compliments as much as the next person.

Stationary vs Stationery

"Stationary" means standing still, while "stationery" is paper for writing. The "a" in "stationary" is for "anchored."

Principal vs Principle

A "principal" is the head of an organization or the first and most important. A "principle" is a fundamental belief. The "principal" is your "pal," or is she?

Elicit vs Illicit

"Elicit" means to draw out, as in to elicit a response from someone. "Illicit" means illegal. "Illicit" starts with "ill" to remind you that it is illegal.

Precede vs Proceed

To "precede" is to come before something. The prefix "pre-" tells you that it involves something before. To "proceed" means to move forward.

Overdo vs Overdue

To "overdo" is to do something excessively. "Overdue" means something that is late.

Capital vs Capitol

A "capitol" is a government building where the legislature meets. A "capital" is a city that serves as the seat of government. The capitol is in the capital, and remember that the "o" means it's a building.

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