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Think of an essay like a sandwich- you need all the parts or it is not a whole. If you had a sandwich with only one slice of bread, it would fall apart. Similarly for an essay. Here are the parts that make up a complete essay and what you should put in each section. An easy way to remember them is that in an essay, you tell them what you're going to tell (introduction), you tell them (body), and then you tell them what you told (closing).


The first part of the essay is what you should write last- the introduction. It is where you give the reader a general overview of what the essay is about. The introduction can be short, just three sentences long. Two sentences should describe the topic, problem, or argument and the third is your thesis statement, or the point you want to make.


The body is where you give evidence or back up your thesis statement. It should be two or three paragraphs of five to seven sentences each. Each paragraph should discuss a different piece of evidence, with a topic sentence and supporting evidence. In general, if you are presenting two sides of an argument, you need two paragraphs, perhaps a third if you are providing an alternative solution to the two sides. You definitely want to use three paragraphs if you are only presenting one side.


In the conclusion, you tell your readers what you have told them. It is again three sentences long, and usually just a restatement of the introduction in different words. You should not introduce new ideas in the conclusion, unless you are doing so for stylistic reasons.

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